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360 product photography is much more visually appealing than standard flat photography. Use this to your advantage by running social media and marketing campaigns that encourage people to rotate and ‘play with’ your product. Social media such as Instagram are highly effectively marketing tools to display your wares and encourage engagement. By breaking down ‘the 4th screen’ customers are more likely to buy your product if customers feel they have already digitally touched it.

  Without actually being able to hold a product or place it in a physical context, then how can a consumer make an informed decision? As an online seller, providing as much accurate information as possible is a sure-fire way to build trust between yourself and your potential customers, a precursor to repeat business sales.are more likely to buy your product if customers feel they have already digitally touched it.


Being able to view and rotate a product makes it appear more realistic. It also makes it easier for customers to understand the relationship between size, weight and other features. A 3D image conveys a spatial sense that a 2D image does not. All of this reduces the cognitive load of a potential customer and speeds up the time it takes for them to decide whether they want to purchase your product or not. Buying a product with greater certainty means fewer disappointed customers and less product returns.

Another reason why you should consider using 360 product photography is that it isn’t as yet as common in marketing as standard 2 dimensional rendered images. So by using 360 product photography as standard, not only will you be making these product images stand out more than your competitors but you’ll be way ahead of the curve too. Customers like to know they can trust a brand, but they also like to be early adopters. A unique product displayed in an unconventional, imaginative way will whet the appetite of the curious and set your sales soaring.

Eyecatching, exciting, energising: For a short shelf life of your product but for a mature life of your brand, if you want to reach out to, engage with and retain your customers, make sure you show them what you’ve got by incorporating 360 product photography into your visual and digital marketing.

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